Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Why hire a Corporate Social Strategist?

The world of social media has grown to the point where business is now dramatically getting into these sites for purposes of building “social commerce”. Along with the growth is the rise of a new “C” level executive position called the Corporate Social Strategist. The position is starting to become popular as a result of the fact that so many businesses and corporations have been too slow in getting on board with social media.

The rise of social commerce gives advertisers new opportunities to anticipate, humanize and personalize the customer experience. It takes a selective combination of the right social media outlets, key online linkage and blogging to develop the relationship in an effective and efficient manner.

The future of social commerce is clear. More and more commerce is being promoted online than ever and there appears to be no slowdown in sight. The main reason is that it is so economical and efficient versus traditional media, especially disciplines like direct response or DM/DR!

I think, however, hiring a Corporate Social Strategist may be a good idea but is perhaps a bit premature and expensive as well. We have been providing this kind of social commerce planning and a social media “help desk” on a monthly fee basis that is very affordable for most businesses. Obviously, my answer to the question at the top of this post is “Don’t hire now. Outsource your social commerce planning and monitoring to keep your costs low while figuring out the right ways to use social media to grow your business.”

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