Monday, June 01, 2009


The Interview

Well, I did the interview! It took more than one hour to answer all the questions. I never did one like this before. I had to look over some 60 pieces of advertising and promotional materials and comment on each. In some cases, I was asked if I thought the price the agency charged for a particular piece was appropriate. In other cases, I was asked if the message was on strategy. It is a highly politically-charged case in which the local commissioner of elections was evidently accused of being scandalous. The advertising materials had to do with promoting a new "chad-less" way to vote. I have to admit that while I thought the quality of the work was pretty good, without having total knowledge of all the facts, the messages were occasionally unclear and confusing.

It was quite flattering to be asked to evaluate the stuff and I was even told that I sounded like a "fun teacher" and that my class probably enjoys my lectures! All in all, it was quite an experience.

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