Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The word is out on digital billboards! They are a hit!

The Center for Media Research just reported that those flashy, rotating digital billboards that you see along the highways of America attract more attention than the old conventional boards. The study was actually conducted by Center for Crash Causation and Human Factors at Virginia Tech's Transportation Institute. The major finding was that they really do not create a dangerous distraction which might cause accidents. It did conclude, however, that drivers (on average) glanced at digital billboards for 1.6 seconds longer than looking at conventional billboards. There were indications that the billboards were actively glanced at during the night. In an open-ended question, 10% of the drivers mentioned billboards as the single most memorable item on the trip, and two referred specifically to the digital billboards as being memorable.
This is great news for the outdoor advertising industry. You can expect to see more digital billboards springing up around you soon!

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