Monday, April 06, 2009


Why is advertising becoming less creative?

I have been in this business for over three decades and I am amazed at how the quality of television ads has gotten to such a low level. Given the cost of an average 30-second commercial starting at around $400,000, it amazes me that many (or most) commercials I see today are ordinary at best. I often wonder why people, especially clients, are willing to settle for such mundaneity. How many times can I see the CEO of Sprint walking down the street in a black-and-white spot? Though I have seen this ad at least 100 times, I still have yet to listen to what he's selling! It's just too boring.

Granted, there are some cute spots with kids and animals, but how many geckos and geese do I have to be exposed to? And, let's not even talk about the new visual effects and how they are used to get totally in the way of the message. We used to call this "video vampire." You know, when the graphics outweigh the main message. I'll be commenting on some of the newer spots from here on out and would love to hear about the ones you wish to comment on as well.

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